Proteomics? Proteins, yes...
...but we want them all , we want them all at once!

Our lab employs modern proteomic analyses to study global changes of cellular proteomes in order to describe molecular mechanisms of human diseases. We analyze complex biological samples such as tissue samples, body fludis or cell cultures. Using various hi-res separation methods such as peptide IEF-IPG or SCX chromatography combined with sensitive LC-MS we can monitor quantitative and qualitative changes of thousands of proteins in a single sample. We use quantitative proteomic approaches to study diverse biological processes such as molecular mechanisms underlying the development of drug resistance in various tumors or the processes responsible for heart failure. Proteomic methods also enable us to look for disease biomarkers - i.e. specifically altered proteins present in patient blood or other body fluids.

To find out more about our work see some of our recent papers. See also our NEWS! section.